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Himalayiya's History

Himalayiya University is established in pursuance of the provisions of Clause (3) of Article 348 of the Constitution of India through Himalayiya University Act, 2019 (Act No. 08 of 2019) by the Government of Uttarakhand in the year June 2019. A society of leading Educationist and Professionals proposed the establishment of this university with a single and dedicated aim of transforming a generous culture, which could develop an educational method to set up future professionals who are devoted, faithful, truthful, regimented and technically sound with massive strength of moral fiber. The University aims to focus its programmes on student-centric higher education so that the students are equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills expected by industry and business. The University expects to experience an incorporated approach to academics, explore, guidance, real life problem solving and entrepreneurship.

The society has undertaken assorted actions for the encouragement of schooling & social services. It is dedicated to encourage & standardize essential & specialized edification, Arts, Ayurveda, Commerce, Indian Studies & Oriental Science, Information Technology, Law and Pharmacy, Management, Mass Communication & Journalism, Naturopathy & Yogic Science, Nursing, Paramedical Science, Science.

With these faculties/schools, the University offers various under graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes. The faculties offer an enriched set of courses drawn from the strong connections between the faculties and industry and business. The culture aims at creating awareness centers in the field of Consultancy, Learning, and Research & Training.

The society has already established a prestigious and renowned institution by the name of Himalayiya Ayurvedic (PG) Medical College & Hospital (HAMC&H) in February 2005. The Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India, New Delhi and Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) recognized HACM&H and it has emerged as a leading Ayurvedic Medical College in India.

Himalayiya University: An Overview

Himalayiya University with its sound infrastructure and high principles of learning, well-built commercial and industry interface is a right platform for aspiring students. We are committed in developing a favorable and supple atmosphere so that students not only grow and expand their knowledge and skills but also grow as a responsible human being.

Himalayiya University is about 30 km from Dehradun city and is located in Fatehpur Tanda, Jeevanwala, Post- via Doiwala, Dehradun-248140. Hardwar and Rishikesh surround it on one side while Dehradun and Mussoorie on the other. It is just 15 minutes drive from Dehradun (Jolly Grant) Airport, Dehradun. The Himalayiya University campus spans over 10.5 acres with lush green environment. The University campus is surrounded by reserve forest to one side while other side there is a rivulet and agricultural fields making it an ideal place for pursuing studies.

The facilities at Himalayiya University have been circulated over well-designed and well-constructed blocks. The blocks are large, which allow students, managerial staffs as well as faculty member sufficient personal space. Each segment is well lit and well maintained.

Dehradun is already recognized throughout the world as an educational hub, which is now developing more rapidly in the field of education by embracing the national and the international principles of education.


  • To create an ecosystem where research and academic excellence is inbuilt in the day-to-day activities, and to make the university one of the finest in India.


  • To create an empowered society of professionals with right mindset and skills, who are aware of their moral and social responsibilities and are always ready to contribute in the development of society, organization and nation.
  • To cater the needs of business, industry, government and other sectors through quality education, research, consultancy and other professional services matching with international and national standards.

  • Create congenial atmosphere for the students to innovate, research and channel their energy in pursuit of excellence.


  • To change (as and when required), improve and ensure the effectiveness of the education in preparing the students for successful careers.
  • To engage competent faculty with professional skills and experience who has the ability to convey the knowledge to the students.
  • To improve the written and verbal competencies as well as technical and analytical capabilities of the students.
  • Take up the social responsibility towards the educational upliftment of the weaker sections of people as part of the University commitment.
  • To make education and research more demand driven and relevant.
  • To create congenial atmosphere for interdisciplinary research and open exchange of ideas.
  • To prepare the students with relevant knowledge, skills, competence and creativity to face future challenges.
  • To promote the University-Industry Interface for augmenting employment opportunities for the students and scholars.
  • To make the teaching and research more demand driven and student-centric by incorporating the suggestions of students and organizational needs from time to time through a well-developed feedback mechanism.
  • To evolve innovative methodologies to help the weak learners.
  • To engage in programs and activities of community services aligning with the university mission.
  • To initiate studies on Indian Himalayan Region (IHR) and its linkages with biodiversity, ecology, culture, customs, traditions, traditional knowledge and traditional practices.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is to create conditions where students can harness their full potential. We at Himalayiya University believe in providing conducing environment to the students to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. We believe that teachers are morally obligated to assist students in the overall development. University aims to bring an open mind and positive attitude in students and teachers. We are a student centric university.

    Himalayiya's Principle

    Himalayiya University believes in the universal principles of human rights and liberties with responsibilities and discipline. We reject discrimination in all forms and at every level. We also believe in the importance of pluralism, diversity and critical thinking in both university and in social life. University gives importance not only to culture, traditions but also to the ecological sustainability of the physical environment of the campus, city and nature. We instill in our students academic and professional knowledge that are grounded both in tradition and in modern scientific innovation and skills to cop up with the complex problems of today’s world.

    Key Of Success

    We at Himalayiya University believe in that Motivation, Hard work, discipline, Time Management, Positive attitude, refining aptitude, Understanding aspirations and expectations of the students and parents, Development of New Skills, Cordial student-teacher relation, Good human habits, Use of modern technology in deliberations, Promptness, Proper and understandable communication, Focused approach and Developing a habit of success.